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Coffee Beans Suppliers

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Wholesale Coffee Solutions

Are you looking to move away from mass-produced coffee supplied by distributors to your café? Partner with us today and enjoy unlimited customization and a continuous supply of freshly roasted coffee that will delight your customers.

We have a large variety of coffees to choose from that will cater to the needs of all F&B enterprises including hotel/restaurant chains, small and large cafés and also private label enterprises looking for a product partner.

coffee bean suppliers

Diverse Supplier Network

As one of the leading coffee beans suppliers in Bangalore, we take pride in giving you products that are of the highest quality. We work directly with several coffee farms, curing works and trading houses across India and around the world and source their finest lots of beans. We have a dedicated quality lab where all our coffees are continuously tested, our blends developed and our roast profiles finetuned to ensure our B2B customers are provided with the right products that are aligned with their requirements. This combination of a vast sourcing network with a strict approach to quality enables us to create long-term value for our B2B customers.

coffee beans suppliers in bangalore

Espresso and Manual Brewing

We have different categories of coffees that are roasted specifically for a targeted group of brewing methods. Our perfected café espresso blend can be sourced as developed by us or customized depending on the needs of your business. We also allow for customization of specialty blends that will deliver an elevated espresso experience (both as black or with milk) to customers with diverse demands.

With continuous evolution of the coffee consumption market, a demand for manually brewed coffees is on a perpetual rise. We source a large variety of single estate/origin coffees from multiple farms across India as well as other popular origins around the world including Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Kenya. These coffees are specially roasted to shine in manual brewing methods including Pourover, Aeropress, French press and Cold Brew. As your one-stop coffee beans supplier, you can develop a magical menu at your HORECA outlet that will differentiate you from your competitors and develop longstanding customer loyalty.

Coffee Consulting Services

Coffee Consulting Services

We understand that the nature of our product requires more than just supplying you with the product itself. We go the extra mile to ensure we train you on how to get the best out of our products. As one of the top coffee beans suppliers in Bangalore, our products come packaged with over three decades of expertise in the industry. Our sales team is well-equipped to train baristas at HORECA outlets on brewing, maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Once you partner with us, we will evaluate your current operational model and suggest ways in which you can improve the experience that you deliver to your customers.

Why Choose Naivo Cafe for Wholesale Coffee Beans?

  • We source superior Arabicas and Robustas from award-winning farms and trading houses across India and around the world.
  • We employ a modern approach to roasting and brewing and offer consulting services to our clients to equip them with the same approach.
  • We offer endless customization allowing are products to be relevant to a wide range of F&B enterprises and to any kind of business which has coffee needs

If you want tips, strategies and product development advice to motivate you in the coffee business, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be delighted to partner with you for your long-term success. To buy our coffee online, click here.


Naivo focuses on a mix of quality and diversity. Our goal as coffee beans suppliers is to give our clients access to a massive sourcing network which enables them to offer variety to their customers. We use modern roasting techniques and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the coffees we source are roasted to perfection. We have small minimum order quantities to support small businesses as well as encourage large enterprises to try new products.

Begin by understanding the needs of your business and the products that will support your long-term goals and vision. Following this, you can assess a coffee bean supplier on the following 5 key factors: alignment of the products they offer with your requirements, quality of coffee/roasting, quality of their sourcing network, average lead time and minimum order quantity.

Our logistics partner network ensures we have quick lead times bringing coffees freshly roasted on order to you just in time to satisfy your customers. While we are a coffee beans supplier in Bangalore, we extend our products to businesses across India and also export our coffees to partners abroad. We tailor wholesale coffee beans solutions to distributors, retailers and private label enterprises all across India.

We have a very small minimum order quantity of 5kg for domestic coffees and 1kg for international origin coffees. This is one of the lowest minimum order quantities offered by a coffee beans supplier in India. We do this to encourage businesses to expand their product portfolio and experiment with new coffees.

Naivo uses top-of-the-line roasters from Probat and Buehler which are equipped with modern computing technology allowing us to make fantastic quality repeatable and a regular habit.

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