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Are you a home barista or simply prefer to prepare your coffee at home? If you’re someone who just prepares coffee at home, then you might be using great coffee beans and efficiently using a grinder every morning but a home barista is passionate about gourmet coffee and seeks different ways to get better and better at it. The coffee bean types you use and how you store, grind, and brew them can help gratify your inner barista. 

Anyone can brew coffee like a pro even in the convenience of their kitchen. Moka pot and AeroPress are two common coffee-making devices, both are great options that will enable you to prepare an exceptional morning espresso.

In this blog, we’ll discuss these two options and determine which is a more credible solution for you and your mug of coffee.

What is a Moka Pot?

Moka pot is a stovetop coffee maker that is used to make espresso-like coffee. The Moka Pot was discovered in 1933 by an Italian engineer, Alfonso Bialetti. It’s made by the Bialetti company, so it is also termed “Bialetti” by some people.

How does a Moka Pot work?

Moka pots are percolators in which the base heats up and water boils to force steam through the ground coffee so the coffee bubbles up into the pot, unlike the brewed coffee that percolates down. Its bottom chamber contains water, the middle chamber holds the coffee, and the brew is collected in the top chamber. It’s important to keep an eye on to prevent spill over or burn.

Pros and cons of Moka Pot


  • Traditional and elegant style
  • Portable and highly durable
  • Makes rich flavored, strong coffee
  • Convenient to use
  • Availability of different sizes
  • Affordable


  • A stovetop is needed
  • Serving a large group is difficult
  • Needs to be monitored
  • Efforts needed for cleaning

What is An AeroPress?

The AeroPress coffee maker is a lightweight, handheld manual brewer that brews espresso-like coffee by pushing water through the tube filled with ground coffee. It was founded by Alan Adler, a technology teacher who was inspired to fix his wife’s watery drip coffee.

How does AeroPress Work?

This is a non-traditional brewing process in which high-pressure water is allowed to circulate and enter the coffee grounds by pushing the plunger down and filtering into the cup.

Pros and cons of AeroPress coffee 


  • Affordable brewing option
  • Small and lightweight
  • Fast Brewing
  • Easy to Clean


  • Combines steeping and pressure methods
  • Less Stylish
  • Paper filters needed
  • Water must be heated separately
  • One cup at a time
  • Less control over the strength

What’s The Difference Between A Moka Pot And An AeroPress?

  • Taste

The AeroPress coffee maker produces a much cleaner flavor profile while the Moka pot produces a rich profile that is closer to a true espresso. 

  • Ease of brew

AeroPress tends to give more consistent results once you get hold of the method. Moka pot needs close attention to prevent burn or boil over. 

  • Capacity

An AeroPress brews only one cup at a time whereas Moka pots are available in a range of sizes, from one cup to a 12-cup option, so depending on your requirements you can find the size that’s perfect for you. 

  • Ease of cleaning

AeroPress is very easy to clean. Simply pop out the coffee disk and give a quick rinse to the chamber and plunger. Moka pot has a few more components to clean and they also get very hot while brewing, and you need to dig the coffee grounds out of the metal chamber. 

  • Versatility

An AeroPress is versatile and enables you to brew in diverse ways. On the other hand, a Moka pot can brew only one style.

  • Portability

The AeroPress is the most portable brewing method preferred by travelers. You may prefer to pack a small-sized Moka pot to take on camping, but it may add a bit of weight, depending on its size.

Both the Moka pot and the AeroPress do a great job at making amazing flavorsome coffee for you without breaking the bank. So, your choice should depend on the characteristics of coffee that are the most important to you. 

Looking for a perfect brewer that provides you the liberty to experiment with your coffee? An AeroPress can be the right option for you. 

Want something that will last for a long time? Then Moka pot is what you’re looking for. 

If you choose the right brewing model, add freshly roasted coffee and stick to a few basic rules, you will be able to brew specialty coffee that will delight everyone. Naivo has got your back with a consistent quality of artisanally roasted arabica and robusta coffee beans with mindful sourcing, continuous experimentation, and customized small-batch roasting, Naivo ensures to provide you with a flawless coffee experience like never before.

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    Akash Ovian, formerly a Cocoa Futures Trader in Côte d'Ivoire, is the Head of Marketing at Naivo Café. His immense love for coffee is cheated only by calculated affections for beatnik poetry, literary fiction and scotch whiskey.

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