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Sylvia – Kudiraipanjan Anaerobic Naturals (Microlot)

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  • Producers: PKC Family
  • Region: Servarayan Hills
  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast Profile: Filter Roast
  • Altitude: 1400 MASL
  • Process: Anaerobic Fermented Naturals
  • Varieties: SL9, SL5B
  • Flavor Notes: Mango, Barbados Cherry, Red Grape

Mysterious, strange and shocking, but eventually delightful – Sylvia – is the first masterpiece in our Poetry of Coffee Collection that pays tribute to the queen of confessional poetry – Sylvia Plath. This coffee boasts of an energizing acidity that sparkles through with every sip. Deeper explorations will reveal a mysterious, tartish note of Barbados Cherries leading to juicy red grapes and a very subtle hint of sweet mangoes. Our light filter roast keeps the flavours bright and lively allowing the coffee to express more complexity as the temperature cools.

Bold, fierce, and unforgiving – Sylvia Plath destroyed the subtle veneers of elegant vocabulary and fluffy lyrics to explore and express some of the deepest, strangest, darkest AND delightful human emotions through her poetry. Her verses live on inspiring honesty in writers and artists across the world pushing them to create art that is bold and transcends the opinions of critics. We believe creators of coffee must aspire to do precisely the same. We’ve partnered with Kudiraipanjan Estate – a producer who shares a similar vision as us for the development of coffee in India – to create SYLVIA for you, and we know that you’re going to absolutely love it!

Enjoy this coffee across several manual brewing methods including Pourovers, Aeropress and French Press. Experiment with any forms of cold brew to bring out some bright and interesting fruity notes.


This lot of naturals was anaerobically fermented and comes from Kudiraipanjan Estate where a perpetual passion for experimental processing is yielding great coffees year after year.

Once ripened cherries on the coffee trees reach the desired brix level, they are selectively handpicked by highly-trained pickers, washed in water tanks to sort out light beans, dust, foreign particles and other wastes. Further selective sorting is done to eliminate over-ripened & under-ripened cherries. Once the the cherries are ready, they’re deposited into specially designed fermentation barrels in which the coffee is sealed without oxygen & fermented for 72 hours. The pH and temperature levels are carefully monitored during fermentation. Following this, the fermented produce is moved to drying the zone. Drying is done in varying temperature and humidity conditions over a period of 20-23 days until the desired moisture levels of 11 – 11.5% are achieved. This unique process allows for bright acidity and sweetness to develop in the beans inside.



Originally established in 1978 by James Frederick Adamson Macfarlaine, Kudiraipanjan Estate was acquired by the PKC family in 1975. The estate is located in the scenic Servarayan Hills near Yercaud in Tamil Nadu, India. This plush land receives upwards of 65 inches of rainfall throughout the year which ensures the soil is constantly fed with the right balance of micro and macro nutrients essential to producing excellent coffee year after year.

The coffee varietals grown here include Selection 9, Cauvery, Selection 795, HRC, Selection 5b and Chandragiri. The estate is also intercropped with pepper, oranges, jackfruit, avocados, mangos and bananas.

The trees at Kudiraipanjan include Silver Oak, Dadups, Daliya and several other forest trees that provide wonderful shade for Arabica coffee shrubs which allows for rich and flavorful coffees to be produced. The shade trees are also friendly to an expansive diversity of wildlife including a number of species of birds.

Grind Size

Whole Beans, Turkish, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter, Inverted Aeropress, V60 Pourover, Electric Drip Filter, Chemex, French Press, Cold Brew, Channi


250g, 2x250g

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