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TIMEMORE – Crystal Eye Dripper

from 950.00

Timemore’s V-dripper is designed to allow lenience with regards to pouring speeds. It is shaped to reduce probability of clogging at the bottom and avoid overextraction. The device’s structure is a delight to look at – sparkly, beautiful and as clear as crystal – with the designing prowess of Timemore ensuring that functionality isn’t compromised by elegance.

Pour Over V-dripper with a new feature that allows different pouring speeds ,At first glance you’d think this dripper was actually made of crystal, it’s so clear, sparkly and just beautiful to look at, not only that but this awesome creation from Timemore will ensure your pourovers won’t over extracted. The structure isn’t just good to look at, it has purpose.


Time More Dripper is designed with a concave principle. The lower area of the dripper, instead of slowing down the
brew, actually speeds it up making the water flow more smoothly and the extraction more uniform.
There are 3 levels in the design:

1 – Insulating level – the filter paper completely attaches to the smooth top part of the dripper so that water cannot get through.
2 – Brewing level – This is where all the brewing and extraction takes place.
3 – Powder level – the ground coffee will fill the bottom area which is less ribbed and creates a flume to encourage the water flow and thus reduces the chance of over extracting.


01 PC (1 – 2 Cups), 02 PC (2 – 4 Cups)

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