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Udayagiri Washed (India)

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  • Producers: Kalasaiah Family
  • Region: Hosapura
  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast Profile: Omni Roast
  • Altitude: 1250 MASL
  • Process: Washed
  • Varieties: SL795, Chandragiri
  • Flavor Notes: Hazelnut, Citrus Blossom, White Chocolate

As Indian coffee moves through new dimensions of experimentation yielding the wildest flavours and aromas, there are those of you out there who will never betray the classic bold flavor of a solid Indian Washed Arabica. This washed lot from our new producer partner – Udayagiri Estate – is clean, uniform and bold in flavor and suitable for classical coffee lovers.

The lot is a mix of Selection 795 and Chandragiri varietals with the former bringing timeless notes of Hazelnut and White chocolate to the cup and the latter ensuring the ideal spark of acidity with a pleasant citrus blossom note. Have it black or with milk, have it all day long. If you like your coffee to be bold, straightforward and uniform in flavor, this is sure to be a favourite.


Udayagiri estate is located at Hosapura village in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. It was started in 1925 by the family of Kalasaiah.

The estate is located at an altitude of 4100 feet and is in the most fertile zone of the Western Ghats popularly referred to as “Giri”. The coffee is grown here under trees including orange, fig, jackfruit, white teak, silver oak, rose oak and jungle woods, which provide natural manure as fertilizer.

In 2010, the new generation of Arabica coffees – Chandragiri and Selection795 – were added to the existing plantation.

Grind Size

Whole Beans, Turkish, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter, Inverted Aeropress, V60 Pourover, Electric Drip Filter, Chemex, French Press, Cold Brew, Channi


250g, 2x250g

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