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Every coffee enthusiast has a special preference for their perfect cup. People are beginning to explore and appreciate new flavors, textures, and aromas of coffee. One such treat is Monsoon Malabar coffee. It has a unique flavor profile with an unmatched silkiness and a mellow flavor. The coffee beans endure a specialized monsooning process that changes them from their natural form to a swollen shape, larger size, and pale yellow color.

What is Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee?

Monsoon Malabar coffee is an Indian variety of naturally processed coffee beans.

The raw beans are exposed to the annual monsoon humidity in India for around 3 to 4 months. This reduces the acidity of coffee beans and gives them a unique earthy flavor.

History of Monsoon Malabar Coffee

The process of preparing Monsoon Malabar coffee was discovered by chance. During the late 19th century, while India was under British rule, coffee was regularly shipped to Europe. Coffee was exposed to the damp and humid monsoon conditions while it was stored on barges and transported from India to Europe. This caused the coffee beans to swell, become pale in color, and also altered their taste. In this way, Monsoon Malabar coffee was discovered.

How Is Monsoon Malabar Processed?

The natural monsooning process is streamlined with strict quality control to make Monsoon Malabar coffee. The process begins with the grading of the green coffee beans which are then exposed to the warm and humid Indian monsoon winds during the monsoon months of June to September in aerated warehouses on the Malabar coast. The coffee is regularly turned as it absorbs moisture from the air. This results in a unique smooth brew with the least acidity and slightly weathered taste which you can’t find in any other coffee in the world.

What Does Monsoon Malabar Coffee Taste Like?

Monsoon Malabar coffee is extremely flavorful. Exposure to humid conditions and the aging process reduces its normal acidic qualities which gives the coffee an almost grainy and thick quality. In terms of flavors, you may expect strong spicy, smoky, and earthy notes or malty sweetness. The Monsooned Malabar coffee beans have been sought the world over for their distinctive earthy taste. It can be drunk pure but also goes well as a base for combining with fruitier coffees. The full-bodied texture of this coffee coats your mouth and tongue long after it has been consumed. 

How To Roast Monsoon Malabar Coffee?

Due to the processing nature of the Monsoon Malabar beans, they can be tricky to roast. During the roasting process, a low temperature in the beginning is crucial. Excessive heat at the start may result in burning the coffee beans.  The recommended roast level for Monsoon Malabar Coffee beans is a medium to medium-dark roast. When the coffee roaster roasts the beans with any of these two roasting preferences, the spicy and nutty flavors become prominent and bring out the natural sweetness. For best results, the beans should be always roasted separately and not preblended. 

What Is The Best Brewing Method For Monsoon Malabar Coffee?

Monsoon Malabar Coffee beans are very versatile. Their bolder taste is perfect for stronger brews like espresso, cafe creme, and a Bialetti Moka Pot, and, you may also use a Chemex or V60 if you have a preference for the pour-over method. Due to their lowered acidity, they are not ideal for iced coffee. You can, however, use these beans for cold brew.

Monsoon Malabar variant can transcend your perception of coffee from an everyday energy-boosting liquid to an exotic and unique vehicle that will take your mind to the faraway Malabar shores of India. At Naivo, we understand how much effort and time it takes from sourcing top-quality coffee beans to crafting the best roast profile for the customers. You can order coffee online from Naivo with just a click of a button. With mindful sourcing, continuous experimentation, customized roast profiles, small-batch roasting of coffee beans for more consistency, and attention to detail, Naivo ensures to provide you with the most enchanting flavor profiles.


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