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Unroasted Green Coffee Beans

One of the biggest challenges in sourcing raw coffee beans for roasters is to ensure consistency in quality from season to season. Price transparency is another challenge considering the volatility in domestic and global coffee markets. By partnering with Naivo, you can focus on your roasting, shipping and marketing operations while we handle all sourcing and procurement operations for you. Your inventory replenishment will always be just an email away!

What are Green Coffee Beans?

Origin and Processing

We source unroasted coffee beans from multiple origins including Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nicaragua and various regions across India. We ensure we procure only the very best lots of coffee for which producers have invested a tremendous amount of thought and time to ensure top quality post-harvest processing. In India, we work directly with farmers and curing works to ensure the final product adheres to our quality standards.

We market washed, natural sun-dried and honey processed Arabicas and Robustas that cater to diverse roasting philosophies. We support our clients with complete traceability information, details on production/processing/origin and roasting tips for each lot of coffee.

Our team collectively holds over several decades of experience with green coffee which puts us in a position to offer you nurturing expertise on how to plan your sourcing activities as coffee roasters. Our expansive network enables us to cater to your changing requirements throughout the year for any type or grade of coffee. Whether you are focused on small lots of specialty coffee or have a large requirement for commercial grades, we are here to support you regarding all your requirements for green coffee beans.

Forecasts and Planning

A coffee roaster is essentially a food manufacturer. Hence, forecasting and planning to protect against fluctuations in supply and demand is crucial to the success of your business. We extend price transparency, market forecast details and information on supply and demand to all our buyers. We can assist coffee roasters in forecasting their demand and planning their purchases of unroasted coffee beans for the year prior to the harvest.

Why Buy Raw Unroasted Coffee Beans Online

Why Choose Naivo for Unroasted Coffee Beans?

  • We source the best qualities of unroasted coffee beans from award-winning farms and trading houses across India and around the world.
  • We have a dedicated quality lab to ensure our customers get the right products that are aligned with their requirements.
  • We assist with forecasting and planning to cater to a wide range of business needs.
  • We extend the benefits of our vast sourcing network built over several decades to our clients which brings flexibility and diversity to their sourcing operations.

To buy our green coffee beans, Enquire here.

We have a small minimum order quantity requirement of 5kg. In the case of international coffee beans that are of very high value, we can offer as low as 2kg. Our goal is to support roasting operations of all sizes from home roasters to small-batch specialty coffee roasters to large commercial roasters.

Most lots of coffee are best roasted within one year of the harvest date. In some cases, certain coffees which are grown at higher altitudes and have a higher density can yield very positive results even up to two years after harvest date. However, we recommend that coffees are roasted within one year after harvest date for best results.

We are specialized in sourcing specialty coffee and always have a vast offering of coffees from multiple estates. Name the region and we will recommend the coffees we hold from some of the finest plantations in the area.

Yes, we supply honey processed coffees, natural sundried coffees fermented with fruit, washed and regular naturals as well as experimental lots such as barrel-aged coffees.

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