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Candied Mandarin – Ratnagiri Carbonic Washed

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  • Producers: Ashok Patre
  • Region: Chikmagalur
  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast Profile: Omni Roast
  • Altitude: 1350 MASL
  • Process: Carbonic Washed
  • Varieties: Catuai
  • Flavor Notes: Lavender aroma and sweet malic acidity with rounded buttery body. Notes of mandarin, peach and black currant leading to a grapy finish.

Our first Omni Roast in the showcase series is a resounding sensation from Ratnagiri Estate. ‘Candied Mandarin’ embodies the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship, having undergone a highly controlled 90-hour extended carbonic maceration washed process. Cherries, meticulously picked at a brix of 23, were subjected to de-pulping before being placed in stainless steel fermenters. These vessels were purged with carbon dioxide gas, nurturing a 90-hour fermentation process, aimed at extracting the utmost complexity of flavors. After this rigorous fermentation, the produce was cleansed with clear water and steeped for a full 24 hours. A patient drying procedure on raised beds extended over 27 days rounded off the process.

The culmination of this precise process is a unique and intriguing cup. With a discernible lavender aroma and vibrant malic acidity, it expresses a rounded and luscious tactile quality. Notes of peach, black currant, and mandarin lead to a gratifying, grapy finish. Whether utilized for sweet and syrupy espresso shots, or savored in a meditative pourover, ‘Candied Mandarin’ delivers a silky-smooth coffee replete with a symphony of fruity nuances. This offering is yet another shiny gem in the Ratnagiri portfolio and brims with delight. Savor the experience!

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The Ratnagiri Estate is an environmentally abundant corner of the majestic South Indian Western Ghats near Bababudangiri, the place where coffee in India originated. Spread over 117 hectares, Ratnagiri has an impressive yield of quality specialty coffee successfully inter-cropped with fine pepper. Ratnagiri literally means Pearl Mountains, and the dense silver oaks that tower over remarkably flavourful shade grown coffee give a silvery hue to the hills illustrating the name. At Ratnagiri, generations of the Patre family have dedicated their lives since 1927, caring for a land that has rewarded their passion and perseverance. With Coffee, Pepper and Nature.

Ratnagiri Estate coffee is a popular purchase by fine flavour seeking palates across the world. The farm follows strict quality standards and has it’s own water supply from two fresh water streams following strict guidelines of government quality and pollution control boards. With a strong commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability, the coffee from the estate is a fine blend of art and heart!

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Whole Beans, Turkish, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter, Inverted Aeropress, V60 Pourover, Electric Drip Filter, Chemex, French Press, Cold Brew, Channi


250g, 2x250g

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