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Bettadamalali Estate Washed (India)

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  • Producers: Nagesh Gowda and Family
  • Region: Baba Budan Giri
  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast Profile: Espresso Roast
  • Altitude: 1100 – 1340 MASL
  • Process: Washed
  • Varieties: Selection 795
  • Flavor Notes: Honey, Cocoa, Roasted Nuts

Our search for the immaculate espresso began when we were embraced by the warm welcome of Ramdev and his parents Shantha and Nagesh as we drove through the gates of Bettadamalali Estate in early 2023. A pristine farm nestled in the Baba Budan Giri hills of Chikmagalur, this place is more than a commercial operation – it is a garden of nature’s best delights. With scientific approaches to farming complemented by highly structured operations, Bettadamalali produce some of the best washed Arabicas we have encountered in recent times. The farm has been a long-term partner to our sister enterprise Indcaffe – who have over the years exported several hundreds of tons of washed Arabica for them to specialty houses in Europe. We decided to grab our own little share of the treasure this year as we cycled through multiple lots to find this gem that would help us curate a delicious espresso.

Expect a sweet, rich-bodied liquor in your cup with a viscous creamy texture that will hug your palate closely before letting go. Sweet honey and dark cocoa notes preceded by a savory aroma of roasted nuts together create a mesmerizing espresso that is testament to the great work of art that has been accomplished in the fields of Bettadamalali Estate. Enjoy it black or hit it with milk!

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A three generation, family owned, and operated coffee estate in Chickmagalur producing amongst India’s finest shade-grown, hand-picked, and sun-dried coffee.

The estate, in addition to the many accolades it has received over time, is also a two time winner of the Illy Coffee Quality Prize for Espresso.

Quality and sustainability being our prime focus, we ensure that we produce the best quality beans with zero impact on the environment.

There are checks and measures at several points in the production cycle to maintain traceability, keep our quality consistent, preserve the sanctity of the environment, and the safety of the people working for us.

Each lot of coffee upon harvest is given a unique number. Each lot number can be corresponded to date and location of harvest, the variety of the plant, the processing method, the moisture content of the lot after drying, and the grade percentage of the beans.

Every single coffee cherry is hand-picked on our estate. This method of harvesting guarantees that only the ripe, crimson-red cherries are picked from the plant, consequently ensuring a clean cup of coffee that is free from any off taste produced as a result of picking green and un-ripe cherries.

The harvest season begins by the end of November and progresses up tomid-March. Arabica is harvested first followed by Robusta.

Fully washed – our fully washed coffee is produced by first pulping the cherries to separate the pulp from the beans. The beans are then naturally fermented and once the fermentation is complete, they are washed in clean water before being sun-dried in our drying yards.

Other processing methods – we are exploring the production of naturals and honey coffee (pulp sun- dried). Experimental lots produced during the last season (2019-20) have shown promising results and we intend on expanding on these techniques this season as well.

Our coffee is one-hundred percent shade-grown under a mix of planted and native trees. The shade and the high altitude on our estate make the coffee bean mature slower than coffee grown in the lower altitudes, thus producing a well-rounded cup of coffee.

There are several varieties of arabica coffee grown on our estate. Cultivars from the yester years like Sln.795, Sln.9, andSln. 5B occupy much of the area. Other recently introduced varieties such as Chandragiri, Hemavathy, Sachimore, Cutwai are also being planted in newer blocks. All the robusta we grown belongs to the Sln. 274 variety.

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