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Kiryama Red Bourbon (Burundi)

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  • Producer: tib Coffee
  • Region: Muyinga
  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast Profile: Filter Roast
  • Altitude: 1500 – 1700 MASL
  • Process: Washed
  • Varieties: Red Bourbon
  • Flavor Notes: Rosehip, Black Tea, Grapefruit 

You’ve probably encountered coffee produced using the Burundi Washed process. We pondered: why not bring you a coffee processed this way directly from its place of origin? Floral, tea-like, and brimming with delicious citric acidity, this Red Bourbon from the Muyinga province in Burundi perfectly encapsulates the exotic flavor profile of Africa. Subtle hints of rosehip in the aroma provide a curious prelude to its syrupy texture. A prominent note of black tea with undertones of grapefruit leads to a crisp and clean finish.

This coffee was produced by tib Coffee (This is Burundi) in the Muyinga province in northern Burundi, a stunning hilly region with an average altitude of 1500 – 1700 MASL. Around 2000 farmers, with farms spanning 50 hectares, collaborate with the washing station. Coffee is pivotal to Burundi’s economy and serves as a significant source of income for families, supporting education and providing access to cash for housing construction. Kiryama derives from the verb “Kuryama,” meaning “to sleep” in Kirundi. Royal princes used to rest on this hill, finding respite before engaging in their customary activities in the region. They favored this hill, influencing Catholic missionaries to establish a parish where Italian priests resided for more than 20 years.

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From the Producer

TIB’s coffee grows in Muyinga province in northern Burundi, a beautiful hilly region with an average altitude of 1500-1600m. It is close to the Ruvubu national park and crossed by the Nile river.

We work with almost 2000 farmers with farms spread over 50 hectares. We produce full washed, natural and honey Arabica coffees. At TIB Coffee, we want our customers to enjoy the best coffee Burundi offers while knowing they’re positively impacting community life in Burundi.

The company was born in June 2020, with ambitious plans. We acquired a piece of land to build our first washing station at Karambo Hill in Muyinga. The station started operating in the 2021 coffee season.

We plan to buy a small dry mill and two new washing stations in different regions of Burundi over the next three years. Then we will be able to give our customers a greater variety of Burundian coffees and taste profiles.

We have developed strong partnerships with top specialty coffee roasters and importers across the globe and aim to grow from 640 bags to 1,280 bags of specialty coffee exports.

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