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Wobh Filters | Fits Kalita® Wave 185, Flat Bottom Drippers

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Clog-free, richer & clear brews. Consistently without hurting this planet, or your pocket. Brew coffee at around 25% the cost of regular paper filters. Each filter lasts 3-4 months of regular usage, giving you at least a 100 brews. Our organic cotton fabric was developed to give you perfect brew time and extractions. Each filter ages with time, giving you longer and better brews. Filters are compostable, at the end of their life.

Wobh filters are grown, woven and stitched by artisans in India. Packed in a plastic-free packaging, they come with a care guide and storage pouch.

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Handcrafted by Indian artisans.

Storage Instructions

Rinse and store wet/hang dry. 

Filter Care

Wobh filters are extremely easy to take care of. Just rinse the filter after each brew, and store them.

For consistently high quality brews, store your filter wet in the refrigerator. In a jar with water. The hang-dry method works well too. But storing wet keeps the filter healthier.


Pack of 1, Pack of 2