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Attikan White Mist 2024 (India)

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The new harvest of Attikan White Mist is here! Enjoy this timeless nutty and chocolatey profile that has been revamped in 2023 to enhance every flavor note that makes this coffee a customer favourite.

  • Producers: Hamsini & Sriram Appadurai (Sangameshwar Coffee Estates)
  • Region: Bilgirirangana Hills
  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast Profile: Espresso Roast
  • Altitude: 1650 MASL
  • Process: Washed (Double Fermentation)
  • Varieties: SL9
  • Flavor Notes: Baker’s Chocolate, Roasted Nuts, Cedar

The first phrase that graced the lips of our Q-Grader when she analyzed this coffee was – “Bold and Beautiful.” By pushing this roast into medium dark territory, we get a lovely plethora of dark chocolate notes harmoniously dancing with nutty aromas and a rounded cedar finish. It is ideal for espresso brewing but is sure to be a favourite for Moka Pot enthusiasts and cold brew fanatics who experiment with cocktails and other brave concoctions. With excellent body and good solubility, espresso-brewing should be a breeze for professional and home-baristas alike. But hey, we’re not limiting this lot to 9-bar geeks alone. If you love surprises as much as we do, go ahead and try it in a Kalita or an Aeropress!

This coffee comes from Attikan Estate – a farm passionately nurtured over decades and proudly managed and pushed to new heights by current generation coffee producers Appadurai Sriram and his wife Hamsini. Attikan or the ‘White Hill’ is eternally soaked with mist giving the coffee a unique taste profile. The farm is situated at the highest altitude where coffee is cultivated in South India . Being flanked by a reserve forest, the wilderness helps Attikan maintain its pristine nature with no electricity or mobile connectivity.

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Attikan estate is located in Chamrajanagar District in the Biilligiri Rangan Hills. This area is known for its pristine natural forests which is home to wild animals and indigenous trees. The name Attikan is believed to have its origins from the vast range of fig trees which exist on this estate and which also influence the coffee beans with their unique flavors.

Attikan was founded by a Scottish man, Randolf Morris who is believed to have ridden on horseback from Coonoor in the Nilgiri Mountains to BR Hills in 1888. After he was incapacitated by a bison encounter, Attikan estate was managed by his wife and thereafter by their son A.E.C.Morris. The founder of Sangameshwar Coffee Estates – K.S.Vaidyanathan – acquired Attikan from his friend Jr Morris and thus it became a part of Sangameshwar Coffee Estates.

The annual rainfall pattern and the co-existence of elephants, tigers, leopards, Indian Gaur, black bear, and spotted deer along with wild native fauna make the coffees grown here quite exemplary. The area surrounding the estate having been the hideout of the infamous deceased bandit Veerappan adds to the mystery of Attikan.

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