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Tangy Mango – Zoya 144H Anaerobic Naturals

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  • Producers: Danish Ali
  • Region: Baba Budan Giri
  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast Profile: Espresso Roast
  • Altitude: 1275 MASL
  • Process: 144H Anaerobic Naturals
  • Varieties: Chandragiri, Selection 795
  • Flavor Notes: Tangy malic acidity with rich, syrupy body. Refreshing mosambi aroma with notes of mangoes, prunes, and hints of litchi leading to a sweet and nutty finish.

The second showcase lot from Danish Ali’s Zoya Estate is Tangy Mango – a 144-hour anaerobically fermented batch of naturals, carefully processed and roasted to deliver a syrupy and sweet espresso with ripe fruit expressions.

The process began with the meticulous handpicking of fruits at their peak ripeness, followed by the removal of any floaters. Fermentation was conducted anaerobically in airtight bags for a whopping 144 hours, which contributed to the development of complexity in the coffee. The resulting beans were slowly dried under shaded conditions and consistently raked until they reached the ideal moisture level.

After days of careful profiling, we have identified the perfect espresso roast profile that accentuates a tangy malic acidity, complemented by a syrupy, juicy texture. An invigorating aroma of mosambi leads to pronounced notes of mangoes and prunes, with subtle hints of litchi. The experience concludes with a sweet and nutty finish, making it a fully-rounded espresso that offers ample room for experimentation.

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Below are a few important notes from the planter,

We grow our coffee in thick and heavy shade. The main reason for the fruitiness and better bean taste in our coffee is the first layer of native fruit trees. These add to the humic acid content of the soil and nourishment.

Our region is at a particular point in the Chandra Drona hill range that, it is relatively dry in the summers and wet for 6-7 months, without any sunlight at all. This double whammy of climate is another reason for the regions superior bean quality, nothing less than an SCA score of 84.  The bean maturity is very slow and we traditionally used to start picking on December 25th.

We do not use any herbicide whatsoever, and no use of any harmful chemicals.

The plant varieties grown are Selection 795, Chandragiri and SL 5B, along with a few Catuai, Catimor and Bourbon.

5B is the most dominant variety, which has adapted to the climatic conditions very well and with superior bean characteristics, Brix level around 24-27.

We try to incorporate spiritual practices into our estate growing and how we do business. With the implementation of spirituality into everyday life, we feel effects of every single living organism connected to us and an increase in quality of life and happiness.

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Whole Beans, Turkish, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter, Inverted Aeropress, V60 Pourover, Electric Drip Filter, Chemex, French Press, Cold Brew, Channi


250g, 2x250g

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