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Venkids Valley Washed (India) – Fine Robusta

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  • Producers: Pavan & Shilpa Nanjappa
  • Region: Coorg
  • Type: 100% Fine Robusta
  • Roast Profile: Omni Roast
  • Altitude: 800 – 1150 MASL
  • Process: Washed
  • Varieties: Old Peradeniya, CxR
  • Flavor Notes: Cardamom, Nutmeg, Dark Chocolate

We’ve made much progress on our exploration of Fine Robustas in the effort to showcase the high quality of Robusta coffee produced in India. Most of Indian Robusta is exported to Europe and Australia while the major volume of what stays in the country is used by Instant Coffee manufacturers and roasters focused on mass-produced commercial blends for Espresso and South Indian filter Coffee. With revolutionary advancements in farming, fermentation and post-harvest processing, our producers are now inducing a great deal of excitement in the Robusta space. This washed lot from Venkids Valley estate delivers a lip-smacking espresso with spicy expressions of nutmeg and cardamom and a strong dark chocolate finish. Our omni-roast has helped tailor this lot for an interesting experience in manual brews as well with Pourover brewing and Aeropress delivering a full-bodied cup with similar spice notes and an underlying jaggery sweetness.

If you are a Robusta enthusiast or a coffee lover with a curious mind, we highly recommend this lot that showcases the promising future of Indian Washed Robustas.

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Papakuchi Coffee, from Coorg, India are third generation producers of some of the best coffee in India, made by harnessing decades of knowledge, proven traditional growing methods and new technology that improves processes and quality – ultimately, enhancing the flavour of the bean. The brand has been exporting specialty coffee, micro lots across Europe, East Asia and Australia since 2013 and has become synonymous with quality, consistency, traceability, with a focus on sustainability, fair trade and direct roaster-farmer relations.

Venkids Valley Estate is a third generation plantation that produces some of the best coffee in India by harnessing decades of knowledge, proven traditional growing methods and new technology that improves processes and quality.

It was started by Late M.N.Cariappa’s father who saw the potential of the land and instilled a great foundation for growing good coffee. Equipped with a Degree in Agriculture and work experience across South India, Cariappa took over the farm and expanded his holding across the district of Coorg. By combining traditional methods of coffee farming with new processes, Cariappa soon became one of India’s most successful and eminent coffee growers.

Venkids Valley is now run by his son Pavan Nanjappa who worked with him for years in this farm and also at others owned by his father. Nanjappa and his wife Shilpa harvest both Arabica and Robusta on the farm under the brand name of Papakuchi.

Grind Size

Whole Beans, Turkish, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter, Inverted Aeropress, V60 Pourover, Electric Drip Filter, Chemex, French Press, Cold Brew, Channi


250g, 2x250g

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